to fight "COVID-19" together.Getting red packet after betting to help fight "COVID-19"".the red envelope is endless if the COVID-19 is not over

activity details:

1. Activity time: March 20, 2020, Beijing time - "COVID-19" is over。

2. The amount of red envelopes varies, and eligible members can participate。

3. Receive a red envelope upon completing a mission。

4. This event is limited to RMB, Taiwan Dollar, THB players。

Activity Rules:

1.This event does not conflict with other website offers。

2.Any member is not allowed to participate in this activity by any illegal means, collusion or other means. Offenders must be investigated.。

3.DG reserves the right to terminate or modify the rules and content of this activity at any time. The final interpretation right belongs to DG。

4.Members participating in this event are deemed to agree to the terms of this event。

5.The daily task of this event is reset.。

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